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Israel Trip: April 2006

KESSOUS FAMILY TREE or how to negotiate around and among the Israel 2006 Pictres

Mother of the Tribe - Ruby - Eli Father of the Tribe (Deceased) They have 8 Children:
1. Mordechai marries Georgie - They have 4 Children: Tali, Galit, Yoney (Groom), Ronit
2. Laurette marries David - They have 2 Children: Ofer, Lea (not at weddiing)
3. Shlomo marries Clairey - They have 4 Children: Nadav, Aviyad, (Eran and Efi not at wedding)
4. Haim marries Sherril - They have 2 Children: Rachel, Jeremy (not at wedding)
5. Avraham marries Leorka - They have 4 Children: Dafna, Yael, Yoav, Bosmat
6. Yehuda - He has 1 Child: Ayellet
7. Aliza loves Gidon - She has 2 Children: (Yael and Karene not at wedding)
8. Yosey marries Smadar

Ruby has two brothers. One, Yehoshua (deceased) and Maurice Sebag who marries Nicole

First Shabbat Dinner at Ruby's house,(as per Blog on 4/8/06 Entitiled On the Seventh Day..... Oh the Polyglotness Of It All)
Haim, David, Maurice Singing Blessings: "Baruch Atah Adonai..."
Nicole and Georgie
Ofer Donning his Kessous-Style Kipah
Mordechai and Ruby
Georgie, Ofer, Yael, Mordechai
Always spirited conversation

If This is the Sat Shabbat afternoon this must be Chamin (chick peas and more)

Yael (who doesn't love having her picture taken) and Smadar

Haim (Ruby's brother,Yoshua's son) and David

Smadar, Ruby and Yosey

Restaurant Salvador on the Outskirts of Beersheva...."Taim M'od"....Very tasty.

L to R - Laurette, Georgie, David, Simona, Ofer, Mordechai, Ziko, Haim

Every Thursday is Bedouin Market in Beersheva.

Even a roller coaster found at the Bedouin Market

And now for a FELAFEL before Passover starts

Scenes of Omer on a Sunday afternoon walk:

Kids eating pizza after school outside of pizza place.

Small local supermarket

Corner of Rotem and Tamar (type of tree and Dates)

Self-Service for Workers (ATM)

We drove from Beersheva to Hertzeliah to stay the night of the wedding.

Our hotel in Hertzeliah and a walk along the Mediterranean shore.

Me and My Shadow in the Sand

Along the Mediterranean Coast

And Finally The Wedding..Ruby Greets Guests, as Ofer looks On

Rachel Alongside Her Grandmother (Meme)

Laurette, Yael and David

Dov, Haim, Shlomo and Clairey

Sherril (Sharona), Alizza and Leorka

Galit and Family

Laurette, Ruby and Aliza

Ruti, Dov, Yael, Avraham, baby, Bosmat

The Chuppah is in the Middle of this Gorgeous Pool

Bride and Groom Approaching Chuppah

Flower Girl is Neta, Tali's Daughter (Groom's Neice)

Tali's Blond Curly Hair, Galit and baby

Just After Glass was Broken

A Beaming Proud Mother, Georgie and Maurice & Nicole

Nadav's Girlfriend, Nadav, Aviad, Yael and Rachel

Bride (Galit) and Groom (Yoney)

Rachel and Ronit

Ronit and Moran

Brotherly Love

Rachel, Ayellet, Haim and Ayellet's Fiancee

Bosmat and Rachel

Mother of the Groom and Groom


Rachel, David, Laurette and Ofer

The Kotel, Otherwise Known as The Western Wall and also The Wailing Wall



I stand here by the Western Wall... Maybe a little of that wall stands inside us all

I shove my prayers in the crack...I've got nothing to lose, no one to answer back

All these years I've brought up for review...Wasn't taught this, but I learned something new

And to answer the distant call...At the Western Wall

I've got a heart full of fear...And I offer it up on this altar of tears

Red dust settles deep in my skin...I don't know where it starts and where I begin

It's a crumbling pile of broken stones...It ain't much but it might be home

If I ever loved a place at all...It's the Western Wall

I don't know if God was ever a man...But if she was I think I understand...Why he found a place to break his fall

Near the Western Wall

The Old City of Jerusalem as Entered by the Jaffa Gate

The Old City is Divided Into Four Quarters
This Being the Arab Quarter

Rachel and Merchant - The is where we bought the SheshBesh (BackGammon) game for my son, Jeremy

Tower of David

That night we stayed with Haim's nephew, Yoav, in his home up in the hills surrounding Jerusalem. We took the bus down to the city and the next few pics are taken from the bus as we wind our way down.

As we walk down Strauss street in the new city of Jerusalem, we come to the corner of Strauss and Ha Nevaim and I felt a complete sense of deja vu; the buildiing in front of us was ever so reminiscent of the place I stayed on my first trip to Israel at age 16, in 1968. I was with a group called "The Bar Mitzvah Club", so called because it was given as a Bat Mitzvah gift to me in lieu of a big party and it occured three years after the Bat Mitzvah (it was supposed to be two years after, but world events sometimes get in the way. 1967 was the year of The Six Day War.) In six weeks we travelled the breadth and depth of Israel, but always returned to our home base in Jerusalem, a place I thought I remembered being called Zev Hospital. This reminded me exactly of that. At the time, in 1968, it was not operating as a hospital, but rather as the home base of our group. As it happens this was Ziv (not Zev), but today it is called Bikur Cholim Hospital. If the Blogger gods are with me, I will post the pics from here in 1968.


Sherril on Ziv Terrace, 1968
View of Bikur Cholim Then Called Ziv Hospital and the Home of the 1968 Bar Mitzvah Club

The Four Jerusalem Nymphs, circa 1968


What I remembered well, when trying to decide if this was the same place, was this little shop where we would buy gum and ice cream and other such necessities. It was across the street and down the street just a tad. When my daughter and I came upon this kiosk, I was 100% certain that I was "home"! When in my frenzy of nostalgic excitement, I explained to the proprietor why I was taking pictures in front of his kiosk, he told me that this was here in 1968 and so was he!!!
Kiosk - 1968 Wonderful nostalgia.
Kiosk - 2006

A touch of Italy in the middle of Jerusalem!

Another View of Jerusalem

Security Post Close to the Dung Gate into The Old City

On Road Toward Dung Gate

The Dung Gate into The Old City

Stalls on the Other Side of The Gate

The Gold Dome of the El Acqusa Mosque or The Dome of the Rock is Ever-Present

The road to the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. The other two quaters are the Christain and Armenian

The Jewish Quarter

Note the Montefiore Windmill on upper left of picture.


Mordechai carries the traditional Seder Plate, holding it above the heads of the bride and groom

and the rest of the Seder participants, as Yoney and Galit look on.

Zeke has the best seat in the house

Neta sings the Four Questions, as her proud Abah (daddy) looks on.
Ma-Nishtana Ha-Layla Ha-Zeh....Why Is This Night Different Than All Other Nights?

Have accordion will travel. The family can always count on Gidon to bring music and song to every occassion. The songs went way beyond Dayenoo and Ma-Nishtana. It was a delight.

Near the end of our stay we went to the Museum of Bedouin Culture.

Outside of the Museum were Caves from Hellenistic times, before and beyond.

Bedouin Hospitality

On the road again
It is hot and dry in the desert A Forest in the midst of the desert Gas is twice the price of what we pay in the US

A Bedouin Mosque on Our Drive in the Negev
The UBIQUITOUS Symbol, Even Here in the Negev Desert
We arrive at our second destination, MAMSHEET, an Archeological Dig

Also a Bedouin Market

Hey, Diane, this is the man who sold me your wood camel. The Peace Plate is from the Jerusalem Old City Market

A more modern Bedouin Dwelling
And back to Omer

Neta became my good pal.
Laurette, Smadar, Ruby - Last Shabbat Meat at Ruby's

First Day of Passover - Meal at Georgie and Mordechai's House...of course!

At last a chance to rest; right? I can rest now, yes?

While conversation inside the house continues...politics, religion, war, peace, agriculture, water, ...all subjects, nothing barred.



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